by Carpenter Pro, May 15, 2014

Few contractors are as versatile and important to general home improvement as finish carpenters. Good finish carpentry is often the most important piece of an addition or remodeling project. Smaller finish carpentry projects can also create the most bang for your buck when it comes to home beautification and resale value. Anything that involves enhancing, altering, or repairing your home’s structure is probably within the purview of finish carpentry. Here is a list of some of the more popular finish carpentry projects and what a finish carpenter can bring to your project:

Custom Furniture and Cabinets
While you may not require custom furniture throughout your home, chances are you have one area that you like to focus on or a nook or odd space that requires a custom made piece of furniture. This is one of the places where a finish carpenter is going to make a huge difference for your home. In particular, cabinets require special attention to work well in their designated space. You don’t want to take on any home addition or remodel without talking to one of these guys about your furniture and cabinetry options.

Trim and Moldings
Trim and molding projects can cover the rough edges and corners where walls meet the ceiling, windows, and doors. These basic additions can add volumes to a room’s aesthetic, but expert, seamless installation is critical. A finish carpenter will also add invaluable input about what edges are most in need of trim and what type of molding project is best for your room.

It may not occur to you right away, but your staircase can be one of the more visible parts of your home. Bulky or dated staircases can weigh down the general ambiance of a home. Loose railings are common and while a finish carpenter can fix your railing, it may be time to upgrade this part of your home. Both functional and decorative by nature, staircases are the arteries of your home and cannot be overlooked.

Build a Relationship
Given the wide-ranging areas of finish carpentry, many homeowners decide after a home improvement project to stick with a specific contractor for future work. If you have a list of projects for future home improvements, one of the best decisions you can make for your home is to find a contractor you like and foster a relationship with them. Not only does it provide you with peace-of-mind your home improvement projects, most contractors will give you discounts if they’ve worked with you before. A contractor who’s familiar with you and your home will look forward to working with you again and will have some idea of what you like and what you’re working toward. They’ll be able to help you decide what projects you can take on yourself and provide free consultations and advice. If something goes wrong, they’ll be there to pick up the pieces. By the end of the year, your finish carpenter will probably end up on your Christmas card list.